Friday, September 27, 2013

Five Minute Friday: True

It's Friday.  Where hundreds of writers come together every week over at the lovely Lisa-Jo Baker's blog to spend five minutes writing about one thing.  One word.  No hyper-editing.  No getting in your own way.  Just writing, flat out.  The most important rule: encourage the writer who linked up before you.  Won't you join us?

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Today's Prompt: True


If we listen to lies long enough, we start to believe they are true.  We think we are too small to make a difference, that one person cannot make a positive impact, and we go about our lives trying to fill up the void in our hearts with material possessions, elicit television and relationships which cause more harm than growth.

For a large portion of my life, this is how I lived.  I believed I had wasted my life, missed my opportunity to fulfill my calling, and that I would spend the rest of my time on earth regretting the decisions I'd made. 

But my God does not relish in suffering or have a heart of stone.  He restores and redeems.  He uses the debris of my past to recycle into a story that is new and beautiful.  He loves me in spite of the mess. 

When I saw garbage, he saw a life which has meaning and purpose.  When I was filled with shame, he saw the blood shed by his Son to make me clean.  When I told myself I was only one person, one life, he saw the bread he used to feed over five thousand people.  

In every action I take, every word I say I have an opportunity to reflect Christ.  All I have to do is decide to let his love be transparent through me.



  1. Gorgeous post. And sort of JUST what I needed to hear. Isn't it funny how that always seems to happen? Visiting from FMF.


    1. That is so wonderful to hear, Jenn. It's amazing how God works. Thank you so much for your encouraging words. Happy Friday.