Friday, June 28, 2013

Five Minute Friday: In Between

I wake up to the sight of my son's smiling face, just inches away from mine.  I'm still in-between the state of dreaming and reality, trying to will myself to keep my eye's open and sluggishly get out of our comfortable bed.  "Go potty" are the only words I can get to come out of my mouth.  And off runs my four-year-old, bright eyed and bushy tailed at, what time is it?  6:30 in the morning.  I want to slap myself for not going to bed earlier.  Tonight, I think to myself.  Tonight I'll pass out at a decent hour.

We wash his hands together since his short little legs are still unable to reach the sink, and I long for the days when he will be able to do this task himself.  These are the days of the in-between.  Days when he's big enough to do some things on his own, like go potty and put on his clothes and brush his teeth and put his toys away.  But there are so many things he still needs help with.

Then a realization gives me pause and I remember to be grateful for this time when he still needs his mom for a few of the little things.  These in-between days when he's not so big, and he still wants a hug from his mom when he falls down and scrapes his knee.  He still wants to give me hugs and kisses and he's not embarrassed when I embrace him good-bye.  Moments in between being a little boy and an adolescent, when he still delights in trying new things and doesn't let self-awareness get in the way of being completely consumed by life, blue skies, dog's wet kisses, blowing big, fat bubbles and afternoons at the lake.  Yes, I will slow down and enjoy these days just a little longer.  I will breathe and take notice, not worrying about the next thing that needs to get checked off my to-do list.  My face transforms into a toothy grin as my son wraps is dripping wet arms around me.

Response to Five Minute Friday writing prompt, "In Between"

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  1. I wake up each day in the same manner: my son (3 years old) wakes up at 5 each day but I bribe him with toys to stay in his room until 6. :) I love your post and your reminder to cherish every day.

    1. Yes, I use the toy bribe too. ;) And cartoons. Thanks for your comment and glad you enjoyed.

  2. I love it :) I was just tucking Samuel in and was having these exact much longer do I have to lay in bed with him and be silly, how much longer will he be willing to hold my hand while we go out for a's so hard here in the now to truly relish every second, but we sure try!