Saturday, July 6, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Beautiful


I love being outside when the sunset begins.  All of the foliage and the mountains off in the distance get an orange glow about them and a nice breeze sets in.  Everything gets this sense of wonderment about it.  Still time for one last walk with the dogs, with the little one in the wagon and big brother on his bike.  The day is not quite over but soon it will be time to rest, then start anew the next day.

Fireflies dance across the dusk sky, little containers of light flicking on again, off again.  I try to follow the pattern they make through the wind.  I hear my husband cheering our son up the hill, encouraging him to peddle harder and faster, watch my little one as he bounces in his carrier, and think how very blessed I am.  As the the steady breath pumps in and out of my lungs I realize, once again, that this really is a beautiful life I'm living and thank God for giving me another day.

Response to Five Minute Friday prompt: Beautiful

Five Minute Friday


  1. Love this post. It made me feel like I was right there! Sounds like a great way to end your days!!

  2. Love the visual on this post! Beautiful!